Arrr! The Washington Free Beacon Makes Michelle Nunn Walk The Plank

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Sea Shepherd’s ties to Points of Light began in 1999 when the founder was awarded a “Daily Points of Light Award.” However, a review of the foundation’s filings from 1998 to 2012, show that the organization did not receive any additional awards or monetary grants from the charity until Nunn became the CEO in 2007.

That year, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was awarded a grant for $2,089.78. The purpose of the grant was listed as “funding to promote effective volunteering.”

The group received a cash grant in 2009 for $18,281, and received another one in 2010 for $11,458. The purpose of both grants was listed as “volunteer support.”

Nunn is listed as the CEO on each of the tax forms.  This bombshell story continues here

A note about the header graphic I posted with this.  I find it curious that we have not seen more from David Perdue about Nunn’s stance on the second amendment.  This woman represents the same mindset that is Bloomberg elites.   “We know better than you do.”   She is dumb and dangerous.  A puppet to be played and I am confident she will be a willing marionette for the bigger play.  The party of the Democrats died with President Kennedy.  What they are now is nothing but a TPM parroting radicalized fringe of the original Weather Underground