USAID and White House Create $1 Million Grants for “Crowdsourcing Competition” To Fight Ebola

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White House Contest
A Grand Challenge for Development

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So the Obama administration is going to Crowd-Sourcing to slow or stop the spread of Ebola now.  This is an interesting idea and one I hope works.  Unlike picking favorites for Crony phony technology companies  like Solyndra the Obama admin is looking to the public for solutions to help fight Ebola now.

USAID in partnership with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy,
Centers for Disease Control, and the Department of Defense seek to harness the power
of crowdsourcing, competition, and breakthrough innovation to address specific barriers
faced by efforts to combat the current Ebola epidemic and better prepare us for future
USAID and its partners seek both innovators with novel solutions and resource partners
with the ability to test and scale up innovations. We are particularly interested in
resource partners with, but not limited to, the following capabilities:

  • Ability to rapidly prototype and produce manufacture-ready products
  • Ability to deploy solutions in contexts worldwide, particularly West Africa
  • Ability to produce or improve any existing technologies currently in use
  • Capacity and willingness to partner to test identified solutions

Generally we are looking for expressions of interest that clearly demonstrate the
following attributes:

  • innovation, including creativity of the given approach and clear differentiation from existing approaches.
  • Low-cost and ability to be scaled rapidly
  • Strong likelihood of achieving a substantial impact.

The document goes on to sate that the grants will run from $100 thousand to $1 million.

Awards are planned to be in the range of $100,000 to $1M.

You may read the pdf document here:

Here is the link to the actuall bid page: