Ebola Laughs: Remember when the Obama admin was going to put a No Fly Zone over Texas because of a TSA Bill?

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Want to stop ‘Ebola’ flights from West Africa?

Then kick the TSA out of  your State!

“In a September 16 speech in Atlanta, President Obama said the ‘chances of an Ebola outbreak here in the United States are extremely low.’ Since that time, several Americans have been diagnosed with the virus and untold more potentially exposed to it.

Americans have cried out for a travel ban after this deadly virus flew in from Liberia, one of the many countries known to have outbreaks of the Ebola Virus.  That person has since died of the infection and two of the nurses that cared for him are now infected with the Ebola virus.

So if the Admin wont listen whats a Governor to do?

Recall it was not that long ago that the Obama administration threatened Texas with a NO FLY ZONE if they passed a bill banning the TSA from groping air travelers because the TSA must be allowed to look for ISIS in your underwear.

Well now we have Ebola coming into America posing a greater threat than a terrorist with a single airplane and Obama wont even consider stopping flights from those affected areas from coming into the united states.  I guess it is time to kick out the TSA and get a Federal life line in the form of a No Fly Zone. It is a harsh measure to use in order to deal with an arrogant and extremely irrational pResident.  But a conflict is coming if something is not done and I did not say that, the guy in the video did.

But wait there’s more!

So the CDC states that Charter Flights wont work but the FBO.gov website has been taking bids from Private carriers for CHARTER FLIGHTS, that the CDC director just denied to Megyn Kelly could be used to do the job.

Just a note,  these FBO.gov contracts are to fly people infected with Ebola into the United States at the expense of tax payers. Phoenix Air was paid $4.9 million.  http://yourdaddy.net/2014/10/07/government-predictably-american-troops-in-west-africa-will-die-of-ebola-exposure/