As Late As 2011 Obama Knew Chemical Weapons Were Transported From Iraq Into Afghanistan to the Taliban

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Hey Lefties, SAY IT!

“Bush was right on WMD’s”

After the release of the New York Times article on Oct 14th 2014 about the Bush administration’s cover-up of actually finding 1000’s of Chemical Weapons in Iraq the left went into ultra-spin mode.  The WMD’s, Chemical Weapons and the hushed up but yet still recovered 550 metric tons of Yellow Cake, weapons grade Uranium are the main reasons we went to war against Iraq in 2001.

Now we learn that not only were most of Saddam’s WMD’s smuggled out of Iraq into Syria and Iran before our troops arrived but they are still showing up in Iran and Afghanistan and even Syria as late as 2011 under the Obama regime, as reported by this caller who claims to have worked in “vehicle interdiction“. The caller claimed he had first hand experience with securing some of these chemical weapons while in Afghanistan.

This was recorded live around 7:45 PM EST Thursday Oct 16th on the Mark Levin Show. The entire second hour is absolute BLOCKBUSTER and I recommend you listen to the whole show.  The stories the conversation Mark has with this caller are based on are listed below.

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Insiders Blame Rove For Covering Up Iraq’s Real WMD

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