The Ebola Travel Ban And The Illusion Of Government Dependency

Posted on October 17, 2014 by



Why are we depending on the US government to impose travel restrictions for flights out of Ebola hot zones?   Do the bureaucrats at the FAA determine what flights the airlines fly? Do they tell them where the must go?  No! The airlines are corporations that act, for the most part as privately owned companies.  They determine where and when and what they will fly.  They have to abide by many government regulations but none of those actually determine the routes they take to countries that are not already on a banned list.

Well here is a thought.  What if we use Social media to put pressure on the Airlines to do what the Government should do.  We don’t need the help of Uncle Sam for everything.  This notion that we must depend on the government is the sum of a very successful progressive brainwashing experiment that has taken almost 100 years to achieve. The slow and malicious culling of truth, morals and self dependence from our lessons in school and life.  Don’t worry. I am from the government and I am here to help.  We see how that is working out.

The US Government knows that third world country citizens can depend on their governments for very little and trust them even less than American citizens do with the US Government.  So the US State Department knowing this actually held a conference not in the States but in Mexico City, Mexico.  Yes in 2010 the US State Department taught “Social Media Technics” that would aid subversives in the Arab Spring Uprising.  Think I am kidding watch this video.

So, lets go find the RESPONSIBLE AIRLINE CEOs? Do they have the power to stop flights in and out of Liberia and other Ebola hot zones?

YES THEY DO! So we the people need to stop depending on this incompetent bunch of Hemorrhagic Barry appointed idiots and the head derp himself that promised you Hope and Change in 2008 and make your own hope and change for tomorrow!

Look. If your pissed about the flights coming out off the Ebola Hot Zones then tell Delta! Tell United! Tell Southwest! Tell American Air! Tell Jet Blue! Because it is obvious that telling your elected officials is USELESS !  It is what I did, but what was amazing was the number of crickets that retweeted it.

Remember, Obama isn’t going to help you, but the stock holders, the employees and the CEO’s of these Airlines might if you are loud enough!  The left has consistently done this to institutions that have social views they can’t ‘tolerate’, like Chik-fil-a, Hobby Lobby, Koch Industries, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin, just to name a few

Besides the Obama administration already is providing TAX PAYER FUNDED CHARTER EBOLA FLIGHTS with Phoenix Air.  They have been flying Ebola patients everywhere with a $4 million dollar contract and since September 3rd 2014 is looking to hire more Charter Carriers.