Michelle Nunn Attacks David Perdue Because He Did What He Was Hired To Do.

Posted on October 24, 2014 by


Help! Help! He’s doing his job! Help!

Democrats just don’t get it!

The star of Michelle Nunn’s latest ad seems to be guilty of exactly what the Democratic Senate candidate has repeatedly accused her opponent of: outsourcing jobs.  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/391029/michelle-nunn-has-seriously-hypocritical-attack-ad-andrew-johnson

PerdueFor LibertyOrYoureGonnaGetNoneSo what was it David Perdue was hired to do Ms Nunn? Was he hired as a community organizer? Was he hired to run a charity organization? No.  He was hired to take a large company and make it stable and profitable.  The job of any CEO is to make any company solvent and profitable.  That is not a secret.

I will concede that company needs to be a good civic partner and neighbor, wherever it is physically located.  This does not how ever make the company nor its profits the property of the those in society that have been made to feel that somehow they are “entitled” to the private property of someone else’s hard work.

A CEO’s responsibility must be company first.  If the company is not solvent it’s going to leave a big empty eye sore for its neighbors and NO jobs when it closes and damages the surrounding property values.  Now what kind of neighbor is that?

Make the company profitable, make the stock holders happy, make the work force as happy as possible,  keep moral as reasonably high as you can and turnover as low as possible.  This is the job a CEO is hired to do.  They are not hired to run the United Way or the Red Cross.

So if we elect David Purdue I hope he continues to act the same way.  I want the people I employe to do the job I hired them to do.  I do not want a puppet that will follow the Marxist aspirations and blindly support the overtly failed policies of Barack Obama the destroyer of Sate budgets and individual Liberty.

The person that best fits this job better make the State not profitable but accountable to the people and reigned in under a strict balanced budget.  This is something that the facts show David Purdue understands and can comply with.

Michelle Nunn? Not so much.