Jonathan Gruber Attended 5 of 12 ObamaCare meetings at the White House in 2009. One of them with Obama.

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Now a 5th Video

Nancy Pelosi either has Amnesia or Alzheimers.

This video ties Jonathan Gruber not only to the 111th Congress, something Nancy Pelosi denies but it puts Jonathan Gruber in the White House 5 times for Health Care meetings and places him at the primary HHS meeting with President Barack Obama himself.

Gruber : “In Massechusets the money was already there but at the federal level we did not have that luxury, see it was not like China is going to pay half the cost of the affordable care act. You know there was no bigger government coming to help us out and so we need to raise taxes to finance it.”

Says the ObamaCare bill is the Massachusetts bill with 3 extra zeros.