Welfare Queen: Food Stamps a $1000 Hair Weave Tattoos and some New Kicks

Posted on December 20, 2014 by


This girl represents what is wrong with America.

I was at the Lilburn Ga Hwy 78 Kroger and had about 6 items to checkout. The girl in front of me had about 10 or 12 items. What I did not see was she had Food Stamps. WIC coupons. She was using WIC to buy her food. Now I have no problem with those in need getting assistance. But this skank had a $1000 worth of Hair weaves. New boots on and she was covered in tattoos on both hands, Her kid was dressed in brand new clothes and her mother was with her also. The mother appeared to be dressed in clothes a nurse or nurses aid may wear.

So I had to just get out my phone and shot this video. Perhaps if she had stuck with her own hair even and not marred her body with Tattoos she could afford to buy food without taking advantage of honest hard working Americans that are essentially FINANCING HER LIFESTYLE. I am sick of this abuse. This WELFARE system theft MUST stop.

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