Seattle housing crisis: Pay attention refugee “welcoming” cities

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Look at the signs they are holding up. SHOW ME THE JOBS. Haven’t we all been saying that since 2010? And now The DICTATOR Obama wants to grant 5 million illegal aliens WORK PERMITS. Folks these people in this picture are refugees. They already have legal work status bestowed on them. They can’t find jobs and Obama and the democrats and John Boehner and Mitch McConnell think it is ok to just let 5 to 10 million more people into the country to compete for jobs we already are having problems finding.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Is yours one of 180 citiesto which the US State Department is sending refugees?  If it is, you are either experiencing this problem already or will be soon—not enough low income housing to go around.

The city of Seattle had proposed a plan to gradually increase rents (they are probably going broke supporting all these immigrants), but the plan has been shelved for now because of the push-back from tenants.

Seattle is the third most desirable city for Somali refugees behind number one Minneapolis and number two Columbus, Ohio.

Look who the protesters are! Surprise (not)! Photo:

From the Seattle Times(hat tip: ‘Pungentpeppers’).  Emphasis is mine:

In response to widespread opposition, the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) has shelved its controversial plan to raise rents for thousands of its tenants.

There will be no rent policy change until 2016, and the SHA might scrap the plan…

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