INSULT vs HYPOCRISY: Black Cops Excused For White Cop Group Think?

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“It Was White Cop Group Think”

What? Yes, Joan Walsh has excused black police officers in cases where a black person while in police custody has had their civil rights violated including physical harm and in particular, death of being victims of “White Cop Group Think”.  It is a sort of group think they succumbed to she supposes.  In other words Joan inferred that blacks that work in police departments don’t have the ability to think for themselves.  How condescending.  What an insult.

But wait, isn’t group think what the democrat party and the LGBT movements are all about?  Now the “Racist abuse” of Blacks by the police departments is excused for black cops as “BLACKS CAN’T THINK FOR THEMSELVES”.  I guess when it comes to progressive group think none of you can or ARE ALLOWED to think for yourselves, black OR white.

Any ideological agenda from the left is pushed with an Alinsky style “Join us or Die” internal mantra.  So if you’re not part of the left’s ‘self-imposed so it must be correct‘ group think they will excoriate you.  They will destroy you.  They will destroy any chance you have of living the American dream because your ability to think for yourself is counter to their group think agenda.

The progressives, left and right are using the US Constitution to destroy the US Constitution.  At some point one of these race riots we are now seeing popup all across the country, in only democrat run cities will break out into full-blown skirmishes.  The Obama administration has deliberately opened a once healing old wound in America using aggressive propaganda campaigns fomenting civil unrest with the black and white races.  Using the WHITE POLICE as the main problem.   The wound is open and now with the likes of an infectious diseases professional race baiters, Al Sharpton &  Jessie Jackson along with supporting Justice department leader Eric Holder have insured that old racial wound is now festering under the approving eyes of the puppet Obama administration.

We are in the end times of the United States.  If we can’t get more blacks to think for themselves like this lady, Battle Cat and Lil Boosie have to say the it is over.

We are fast approaching the end of civilized America.  This end will not only be bloody but it is deliberate and will be used to cover-up the over $200 trillion dollars the United States FEDERAL government has amassed over the last few decades.  Don’t think for a minute that all this turmoil is not without fuel from those that promised us a FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of America.

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