The Democrat Party VS the Republican Party: Who is the True Champion of the Ending Slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Black Community

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It is what the left is hiding from, running from and forever lying about.
The democrats have never stood for civil rights. They let the Right do the job of actually recognizing civil rights and then THEY take credit for it.

The Last Civil Right

Kuuleme T. Stephens

I found this article written in 2008 and I just had to feature it here! It is some interesting reading, and I do encourage others to do research and look forthemselves!!! I was “born” into the Democrat Party, most of my family members are Democrats! It was not until later on (after I joined the military, and was out on my own in the real world) that I began to hear things about the Republican Party and began to research who was actually for the Black Community , Ending Slavery, and the Civil Rights Movement and who was not. I think it is very important that people expose themselves to and know accurate history, not just the stuff that you have been spoon fed from the Left, other family members, and friends. If people would educate themselves, this Country wouldn’t be going down the drain so…

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