Did Obama’s Admin Have This Explosive ISIS Video Banned From YouTube?

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2015-09-13 03.04.01I originally posted this NOW BANNED VIDEO on this blog post http://yourdaddy.net/2014/09/30/imam-anwar-al-awlaki-ask-from-the-grave-how-could-obama-not-know-about-isil/ in September of 2014

I received notice late yesterday that a video I posted in 2014 proving that Barack Obama knew about the existential growth of ISIS was BANNED ON YOUTUBE.

So I wonder WHO requested this video be removed from YouTube so the public would not find out how Obama has lied to the American people about how ISIS has grown and taken over much of the Middle East left in shambles from two sources.  Obama’s Arab Spring and Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq.  Yes I pin this ISIS growth on Obama the Manchurian Muslim twice elected in America.

The video I believe his administration had BANNED by YouTube was found originally on archive.org.  I uploaded a trimmed version to YouTube in December 2014.    Later on I upload a much shorter version of  the video.  This one still remains listed and publicly available.  Posted here is that shortened version with all the best “finger pointing at Obama” highlights that are from the video they banned.BANNED2

Here is the shortened video of the one they banned..

Keep this in mind going into this next election cycle, The content of this video are whats headlining right now.  The fact that Obama’s appointed goons that lord over the actual spies on the ground, no less than 50 so far have reported the data is being cooked to show ISIS is not growing or represents little or no threat. 50spies Now add the fact that Google, owns YouTube.  And Google has the power and the tools to FIX AN ELECTION as reported by CNN in August 2015.  Is this what is going on?  Archive.org has the original content still posted.  I have download copies to my laptop and have also zipped copies and emailed them to several people.  Hopefully Hillary and her cloth wipes won’t be able to locate them all.

The original source video of Anwar a-Awlaki in its full context can be found here > https://archive.org/details/ImamAnwarAwlakiSpeakingAboutTheIslamicStateOfIraqAndAShamISIS