Could the ‘9/11 Victims Bill’ mean Obama may be sued for the death of soldiers killed by terrorist?

Posted on September 28, 2016 by


Yes, I believe that Obama may be sued now for Soldiers killed by Terrorist attacks funded by money laundered to Iran in 2014 – 2015.

Lets take look at the laws involved first.

Aiding and abetting terrorist
Money Laundering
Violation of the UN Sanctions on Iran
I am sure there are many others but this is what is blatant.

Now lets look at the new law Obama VETOED and Congress shoved back at him Veto-proof, an override.  The 9/11 Victims Bill.  Yes with just 4 months left Congress borrowed Ted Cruz’s balls and stood against the imperial dictator Obama.  This law may set a precedent going forward that lets victims families sue other State sponsors of terror.   Obama already has been blamed and rightfully so for funding ISIS.  In some cases training and arming them.

We know that the sanctions against Iran were not amended until the so called Iran Deal was done.  That was June 2016. posted on September 8th that Obama and the State department had  given Iran a total of $33.6 billion dollars of cash gold payments. Starting in 2014 and into 2015 the State Department funneled at least $11.9 billion to Iran.
33-6billiontoiranSo we know that the Obama administration with full knowledge of the president, was sending money to the Iranian government in violation of US sanctions.   code1956
The way the money was transferred also violated money laundering laws.

Now the Administration has admitted that there is a possibility that some of this money could be used to fund terrorism.

irancashterrorIran has been on the US State Department list of “State Sponsors of  Terrorism since January 19, 1984 so this deal did in fact provide aid and comfort to a cataloged enemy of the United States of America prior to both UN or US sanctions being lifted.iranstatesponsorterrorSo it is a distinct possibility that if the Saudi government, that is not listed as a State Sponsor of Terrorism can be sued over 9/11 terror as a State Sponsor of Terrorism then Gold Star families from 2014 on may be able to sue Obama for soldiers killed by Terrorist attacks that can be tied to Terror tied to Iran funding.

Make it so.