Who’s YourDaddy?

me in 1981

Thats right, I AM YOURDADDY?  But just because I own http://www.YourDaddy.net though.  I used to be the owner of a thriving web site hosting business. I was able to buy out my old partners with money from the Bush Tax cuts. Now I’ll be lucky to keep my home after what Obama has done to the economy so I started this blog to let folks know how I felt. I had no idea I would become a pivotal blog in the Glenn Beck arena with the discovery of no less than three of his most famous videos. Any way here I am, I’m Pissed off and letting you know.

Greg Hedgepath

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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

    • So you took a government handout to start this website huh…..

      • I have never even received a damn refund from the IRS you moron. Much less ANY TYPE of out and out gov handout.
        I imagine however that hand-outs is all you have ever lived off of.

        I guess you did not notice I OWN THE HOSTING COMPANY!
        What a dope!

      • Don’t worry, Obama did that for you. He’ll take it away from you, too! That’s a Promise.

  2. We’re all pissed off, Greg. Obama will ruin this country if we let him.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Obama is not the problem – the problem is the bankers on Wall St., the big corporations that ship jobs overseas and don’t pay any taxes, and the lobbyists that run Washington, DC.

    Its not about dems vs republicans, that is what the mainstream media wants Americans to think. Fox news, MSNBC and CNN are owned by giant corporations, wall st, and crony capitalists. their friends continue to profit off of the misinformation and “partisan politics.” The truth is, big corporations run both parties, and they are running over main st, small businesses like yours Greg and the American public. Its time for a democracy OF the people BY the people and FOR the people again.

    We need to fight back together.
    In solidarity,

    • The unions are why jobs are shipping overseas. I KNOW!!! I SENT MY JOBS OVERSEAS when my emps tried to organize.
      They would have taken another 20% out of my company and I am sorry but they had nothing to lose but a job

      This company is my life investment. MINE not theirs, not yours MINE!
      My 20% to do with as I see fit! Not some Union Thug.
      SCREW UNIONS and those that support them!
      They are worse than Croney Capitalist anyday

      One other thing SCREW DEMOCRACY
      We are a REPUBLIC for a reason!

      • Greg,
        It’s crazy how many people don’t understand the difference between a democracy and a representative republic. I carry a business sized card and hand it out to those who like to argue with me.

        As for unions, when the NLRB tried to tell Boeing that it can’t move production of the 787 to South Carolina because it would reduce the total number of union jobs at Boeing (since S.C. is a RIGHT TO WORK state as all states are CONSTITUTIONALLY) my hatred for unions boiled over. I appreciate your explaination of what and who unions cost, especially your line “MY 20% TO DO WITH AS I SEE FIT”, That’s what unions don’t understand, the money doesn’t belong to them, but to the employer, and until you give it to the workers VOLUNTARILY through merit pay raises and not union demands, it’s not theirs. I say screw all unions, they’ve long lived past their intended purpose and have perverted and subverted free enterprise.

        Keep it up! And I’ll keep reading!

      • i concur.
        the union thugs (and i mean the “leadership) have extorted untold trillions from us taxpayers. i may be wrong, but i can’t think of a single modern day union which does anything more than extort money from the working/contributing part of any given company and/or the US government.

      • I work for the Army and Obama has pissed on it. There are stupid people that love Obama by his speeches only, not his politics. He surely didn’t graduate from Harvard thinking the Atlantic is in the Gulf and their are 57 states, etc. He was born to hate, like Jessie Jackson, Charlie Rangle, Al Sharpton, non of which are Reverands… just haters… oh I forgot just like the Islamists… his dad that didn’t care about him. He’s a paranoid schizophrenia just like the rest of those I mentioned.

    • maxbunko

      April 13, 2012

      the only sensible comment here.

      by the way unions are the only thing between you and a totalitarian gov. I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss them. And how is it working out for you paying for bush and obamas bailouts to the ones really responsible for our financial problems added exascerbated by the inevitable collapse of boom and bust central bank run economics. They always fail you know,..everytime.

  4. Gabe: Ref:”Obama is not the problem – the problem is the bankers on Wall St., the big corporations that ship jobs overseas and don’t pay any taxes, and the lobbyists that run Washington, DC”

    Lets not leave Obama out of the loop…he certainly plays a very big role in the problems we’re facing.
    As for the banks…don’t forget that it was Carter and Clinton that forced the banks into doing what they were doing via the CRA (Community Re-investment Act…1st by Carter and then by Clinton who put most of the teeth into Act). As for the jobs going overseas…that’s a bi-partisan effort by the New World Order (NWO) crowd (remember George Herbert Walker Bush’s New World Order speeches followed by Clinton’s ‘World View’) The big corporations would not have sent the jobs overseas if it were not for the government’s policies…again, the NWO crowd…and don’t forget Kissinger’s input along with Zbigniew Brzezinski (an Obama advisor) who says it will be easier to kill a million people than control a million people.
    Also…Are you aware that Jimmy Carter printed up thousands of copies of Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’ and distributed the books to communinty organizers…So when you study all these issues (and more!) you’ll find that common thread among those that would destroy us, “Alinsky!” …and Obama is an Alinsky-ite!

  5. You got that right!


  6. Bryan

    May 22, 2011

    Hi Greg, In the same boat. And pissed off . A drilling contractor for 27 years, started with humble beginnings and made a really successful go of it. During the good times we saw a few drilling companies fail. And during the downturns we basically sailed right on through with commonsense safeguards in place. My probable demise began when the housing bubble burst. I thank subprime Barney for the first round of attacks, and it has been downhill ever since. the perfect storm. Many to blame.

  7. Thanks for the ping-back, and thanks for your anger. It makes my ragged old ass very happy to see some of the younger generation with enough balls to express their discontent with the way America is governed. May I humbly suggest that you read this link: http://www.freedomwriter.com/issue27/am77.htm
    It is imperative that are efforts are joined by a common knowledge base in order to focus on the same enemy. Craig Kavanaugh at craig.mailbox@post.harvard.edu is someone who can supply you with intellectual ammo.
    Regards, OldDog wethepeople@anationbeguiled.com

  8. Just found this great site and will spend even more time exploring the archives. The vast Silent Majority needs to pay attention and quit favoring the current administration due to ignorance. Greg, you are doing a great service for our country. Now if the rest of us will endorse the fact that we should be angry with the jerks over-running our ‘by the people for the people government’ our strive for true liberty can be obtained. Keep up the good work!

  9. I too, just found this site. I can’t believe I have not found it until now.:( I have already spent quite a bit of time here watching the video of Joel Rogers and the gang of GREEN BELIEVERS and I almost threw up. Sorry, gross, I know but it did make me sick. These a holes are trying to bully everyone into this belief when, NOW, the science truly supports that it is all hocus pocus. The scientist’s that are smart and know things say our solar system goes through cycles and has since the beginning of time. So can these Marxist’s explain the warming periods in the 1800’s without all the coal burning power plant’s, car, truck emissions, etc…back then. I didn’t think so. This election in 2012 is going to be one of thee most important in the US history. I try everyday to do my part in educating my friends, family, and acquaintances as to the true BHO agenda and hope and pray you all are doing the same. God bless you Greg! Oh by the way are you not afraid of ending up on attackwatch.com LOL. Me either.


  10. Smokey Joe

    October 14, 2011

    HI I like your blog.. interesting.. fresh… WOW.. I just found out what our state dept is up to this year.. can’t say I really Like it either… as for the construction piece.. I am a constructor.. this INFURIATES ME… Our government needs to step in… THANKS!

  11. great web site. The voice of real Americans. The liberals will find their “warming” . There is an eternal burning lake of fire waiting for them. Blue boy.

  12. Oh papa 🙂


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