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Will Gabriel Giffords join Jimmy Hoffas Army? It’s a War on TeaParty Sons of Bitches

September 5, 2011 by


Obama approves of violent rhetoric Jimmy Hoffa was introducing President Obama for a Labor Day rally in Michigan. So after the introduction where Hoffa declares the labor unions are ‘Obama’s Army’ and they wish to destroy the TeaParty in a War, Obama thanks him and the other Socialist scumbags trying to finish off Lady Liberty […]

Socialist talk about working with the Muslim Brotherhood In Arab Spring Revolutions and the destruction of Israel

May 31, 2011 by


The Dead Stream Media laughed at this.  Well who is laughing now? MSNBC, CBS,  ABC, CNN, NPR, NBC Media Matters, Huffington Post, Daily kos. All I hear is SILENCE from the PINKO NEWS now ….. or is that the sound of reality hitting them in the ratings? Socialist Explain How They Worked With Muslim Brotherhood […]

Terroristic Labor Unions and Treasonous Lawmakers Caught on Tape Plotting to Crash Stock Market

March 22, 2011 by


Americas Gangster Government Colluding for Socialism Now lets watch and see who of these implicated in these tape are Eric Holder’s “People”. They will be the ones to walk away with book deals instead of prison sentences. This is terrorism and it is domestic. Is it the Tea Party? No its Obama’s Party. Its Obama’s […]

Laura Flanders GritTV: Who says the revolution won’t be televised?

March 14, 2011 by


THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED Speaking from Wisconsin, Laura Flanders of GritTV takes it on her own to declare the revolution will be televised. That this is the revolution. The attempt of Public Sector Labor Unions that misrepresent the actual tax paying people of Wisconsin tried to thwart a bill by Governor Scott Walker that […]

Unions organize with Marxist youth group ‘FIST’ to keep high school students marching against the Wisconsin Leadership

February 25, 2011 by


So who is Workers World Party? And do they have your kids brainwashed yet? This next screen capture is from the FIST websites front page. I wonder if these kids actually know who Che is and how many people he murdered in his democratic revolution with Castro in Cuba. Useful idiots! I wonder how many […]

Suez Canal strike may ignite protests, oil prices rising

February 10, 2011 by


CAIRO (Commodity Online) : Giving more momentum to anti Mubarak protests in Egypt, thousands of Suez Canal service workers began an indefinite strike threatening crude oil supply disruptions. According to Egyptian daily Al Ahram, 6,000 workers in Suez, Port Said and Ismailia had begun an indefinite strike and sit-in in protest against poor wages and […]

1 Nation Rally ‘We March for Dependency on The Government Tit’…….. What Trash?

October 2, 2010 by


Socialist Democrats, Paid Union Members and Self Described, Smarter than God Progressives concentrated on Washington DC for the “We Love Government  Enslavement by The Democrat Party March“. AKA “1 Nation Working Together” [to bankrupt the Republic] pfffft! Notice the EMPTY Green Space on the left of the screen.  No EMPTY space at 828 Rally. Then you have Self […]

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